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Hi Budgiemom yes you are right about the relationship of FP to weight of the food you eat. Yes 1 oz of pear is 3 gms of FP (in grams: 1 gram of pear is 0.1 gram of FP). One pear is about 4.2 oz which is 13g of FP which is a quite a lot of FP as we are needing to keep it under 40 per day or better still around 20 – 30 – 13 g is 1/2 to 1/4 of your daily intake of FP. I believe the weight is cooked or uncooked except for rice which takes on water when it is cooked (and therefore weight).

Goddessrocks – sorry I do not know about how FP and juicing work – that would have to be one for Norm – getting rid of the fibre does seem to make some sense but maybe it also concentrates some of the other things that we should be avoiding – but that is a bit of guess..