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Thanks healthynow, for your detailed response. I’m glad things are working out for you.

I’m particularly interested in the mucosa patch and the fact that you are able to stay well, even with this condition. It was my understanding that this patch is capable of secreting acid, which I felt could further compound digestion/acid conditions. I’m meeting with my gastroenterologist in a few weeks and hope to get further advice. But the fact that you are symptom-free, even with the patch, gives me hope.

I find the diet challenging at times. but it’s been relatively easy to get off grains. I allow myself brown rice pasta from time to time. I have not done the FP calculations on my own but I use the tables in the back of the book and make my own judgements based on similar foods and GI indexes and fibre content.

Anyway, thanks for your response—if you have any more information on mucosa patches and how to deal with them, please let me know.