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Hi Gang- Paula, your “Jaeme page” cracks me up! Hopefully its not the blind leading the blind. Your list above is mostly correct, except add DGL chewables by Natural Factors and prohibitions should be probiotics (although there are lots of prohibitions on this diet, ha ha). The Multi-enzymes are by Original Medicine. Also plain kefir.

I am on the Vit D due to very low blood levels of D. Thanks to northern cloudy climate and the worst winter on record here with Polar Vortex. The Drenamin is adrenal support due to stress of this LPR and other things going on.

Seems to be helping. I ate 15g./.5 oz. dry weight sprouted oatmeal this morning- so far so good. Right now the only LPR symptoms I have are some slight nasal stuffiness and just a little pnd.