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Hi londonlyon. Sorry it took me so long to respond. What can I say? My very first symptom of Gerd was a very hoarse, disappearing voice. Then came the feeling of this huge lump in the throat which I found really alarming. I went back to my thyroid specialist to see if the nodule on my thyroid had come back. He said no and sent me for a Barium Swallow test which confirmed a lax sphincter. When I heard heartburn, I first didn’t believe it, because there was no burning sensation at that time. The burning, chest pain, throat pain, constant burping and bringing food back up soon followed though. I also had bad earaches. I was told there was lots of mucus. Also, always mucus in the throat. I was started on various P.P.Is. None seemed to work or not for long. Dosages kept increasing. I tried everything else I could . DGL, aloe juice, Reiki, apple cider vinegar etc. I changed my diet to no coffee, no alcohol, no acidic foods etc. to no avail. I ate dinner early, sat upright for hours before bed, tried to sleep on an angle (ridiculous), lots of pillows, you name it. Nothing helped. Then came severe constipation . I said to my doctor that I believe it was from the medication. Don’t we need the acid to digest properly? But they are educated to treat this a certain way and can’t get beyond it. Since I knew someone who died of esophageal cancer I was quite scared. I read ‘Wheatbelly’ and stopped eating wheat. It helped with the bloating and gas, but not with Gerd. So I kept searching the internet for a solution and came across ‘Heartburn Cured’. I stopped my drugs cold turkey and went on the super low carb diet. The first week was hard. I had major withdrawal signs from my high carb diet, felt week and dizzy. But I stuck with it. I read the FP book over Christmas and further adjusted my diet by taking out more fibre namely flax and dark chocolate . I am generally symptom free now unless I fall off the wagon and eat something I shouldn’t. Then it takes a few days to get over that. By the way, my journey on this diet started a year ago. I recently had another gastroscopy to make sure I am on the right path. That was when the ectopic mucosal patch in the esophagus was discovered (it was missed the first time). The doctor told me everything looks good and to keep on doing what I am doing. It is not an easy diet to stick to, but so worth it. I cook everything from scratch to avoid all the hidden sugars, even ketchup, BBQ sauce etc. Sugar is everywhere. I have found a few very good websites to help me regarding food and bought a Spirelizer to turn zucchini into pasta. I am happy to share more tips. Hope this helps.