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Jaeme: for Mexican food here are some suggestions:

Ensalada de Napoles: cactus salad (not sure the FP of cactus but I’m guessing it’s not much different than aloe vera?)

Sopa Azteca: chicken and corn tortilla soup. They usually add the corn tortillas (chips) just before serving, so ask for them not to put them in or ask for them on the side and only add a couple.

Camorones al Cilantro: shrimp sauteed in garlic, olive oil and cilantro. One of my favorite Mexican dishes.

Adobo chicken of beef: sometimes there’s a small amount of sugar added to this sauce, but for one serving, it should be very minimal. Check with the server about ingredients.

Chicken Mole: assuming the chicken is not breaded and fried, this should be ok. Most mole sauces contain some amount of nuts, so if you are sensitive, just have less sauce, or skip this one.

Stuffed peppers as long as the peppers are not breaded.