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Hi Jaeme….it’s been awhile since I’ve made any post. Do sorry to hear that you are having Ketosis problems. You ay remember that I too had this problem when I tried to follow my GI doctors dietary advise (ie. no fats, etc.) while simultaneously trying to follow the FP diet. I couldn’t get enough calories and ended up losing 26 pounds (180lbs of weight lifter muscle to 156lbs of sinew). I was forced to abort the FP diet until my Gastritis healed and have again resumed my march to the 100% FP diet. I’me now back at 173 pounds and have a vigorous appetite (2 months ago I got sicker just thinking about eating). Stay strong mentally and your body will respond and get through this. JI is right, when the GI gets out of whack it takes a long while to get it straightened out again. I suspect that it took a long time to get it out of whack since we tend no to notice until the damage is done so it comes as no surprise that it takes awhile for it to repair. Keep us posted on your progress and I hope your march towards health is short and, once there, long-lasting.