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Hi All,

It has been a rough ride – while my LPR was almost totally cleared up, I did not eat enough carbs and went into Ketosis (why I keep losing so much weight). I was already eating a high good-fat, lower-carb diet before I started the FT diet, and I had a high metabolism – so I never even noticed I had switched over to ketosis (most people have trouble with the transition, apparently I did not).

I have been seeing an awesome Nutritionist MS/RN who is very familiar with ketosis, ketogenic diets, paleo-diets, etc. She herself is on a paleo-type diet with only 60 carbs per day, due to her life-long struggle with sinus issues. She started her practice in nutrition when her own child was in very poor health and traditional medicine did nothing for him. By changing diet due to her own research, the boy improved.

She has been an angel trying to help me out of ketosis – some people transition easy, others do not (but usually only if the ketosis is long term, short term is supposed to be easy). I have been in ketosis only about a month and a half.

Well, it has not been easy. I am having issues with glucose sensitivity, and all of the carbs on the FT diet of course are quick-release carbs. I have been adding about 20 carbs a day for a week and a half, and am at about 60 carbs a day now. Since everyone is different, I may have to go to 75 carbs or more to break out of ketosis. I am having tingling, numbness, dizziness, etc. in my head, arms and hands that all resemble diabetic issues (and I was never diabetic or even a candidate for such prior). It seems I have a good day, and then a bad day. But I am starting to get hungry, which is a good sign.

So I am hoping that slowly my glycogen stores are getting replenished in my liver so I can get out of ketosis and start putting some weight back on. I am on enzymes and a few other things to help heal my digestive tract. Will keep you posted. Its a shame, as the LPR is almost completely gone.