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I bought the Kindle version of fast track IBS and have been using it to treat small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (methane). Recently, I was treated for H-Pylori and think the antibiotics contributed to the overgrowth. I have always eaten low carb and another thing that may have exacerbated my condition is the sugar free items- I didnt know until your book about the FP of “ol” sweeteners. Atkins bars especially cause gas.
I noticed on the FP tables that Stevia is not mentioned. The ingredients are: Dextrose, Stevia Extract. I have used it in my coffee for years but want to make sure it is not a problem. Questions:
1. What are your thoughts on the Stevia?
2. What FP point number you recommend for treating bacterial overgrowth?
3. Should I avoid even the low FP cereals/bread/baguettes?

Right now the main symptoms I am having are stomach gurling after meals, bloating, burping and constipation. I take enzymes with meals to help with digestion due to low acid. On a positive note, I have never had heartburn or acid reflux but have always had IBS-C and took Zelnorm for years until it was pulled off market. (worked great for me)

Thank you so much for all of your help. You are a lifesaver to many.