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I kept a food diary & the nutritionist agreed I was too low in carbs. She does a Paleo diet and is at 60 per day (like Norm). Looks like I was at 20-30. So I am to add 20 carbs a day this week, at least half in the AM, then 20 more the following week. The only way I have found to do that so far is to eat about a half-cup of rice chex with breakfast. She liked the buckwheat pancake listed in the FT chart, so looking for the gluten-free mix. She also put me on an enzyme mix called Gastrazyme that is supposed to help heal, as well as an adrenal support called Drenamin. We are doing a comprehensive blood test on Monday. She agreed about gluten tests being inconclusive, especially if you have not eaten any gluten for a while (no reative proteins to show up in test). I felt good about the visit, as she is a RN with a Masters in Nutrition who got into the “alternative” therapies when conventional medicine could not help her child with severe food issues, her own sinus issues, etc. (all of which were helped with diet change & alt. therapies)