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Norm – I am in ketosis from not having enough carbs. My metabolism completely switched over while on the FT diet, as I was eating fats, proteins, and veggies (and a little fruit) – not much of the rice either, and the bread seemed to give me some LPR problems. So now I am trying to figure out how to transition out of ketosis, which means slowly upping the carbs. But to do so on the FT diet is either quick-release glucose carbs (so I worry about insulin spikes, etc.) and going over the FP points if the food is not so quick-release. If you add up the daily carbs in the FT book recipes, they are usually well under 40, which is ketogenic. I should be over 60 or even at 80. How to do that except eat dextrose (which is only 4g. per teaspoon).

I had no weight troubles before. I ate a non-processed, whole foods diet and only drank water, coffee or tea. I did not work out at the gym, but my daily activities included some physical labor (gardening, farm work, outdoor work) – the kind our ancestors did. I naturally had a more muscular, leaner build since childhood, so I guess I was genetically blessed. But that is the problem I am experiencing now – that set me up for quick ketosis.