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I’m just the opposite on this diet, I’ll gain a couple pounds then next week loose a couple pounds. So I’m maintaining my weight, I would like to loose 12 lbs. I’m not complaining about the weight because I also have tons of energy. I work out and am able to do 30 min elip level 10, stationary bike 30 level 10, treadmill 30 3.8 mph, then I go to the weight/ aerobic step room for 30 min, and at end of day walk my dog 45 min about 3mph. You would think the wt would just fall off with all the exercise. I really like the post where you guys talk about what you’re eating. If anybody wants to start a post about what your menu was for that day and how many points you ate I think people would like reading it. Just wondering Jaeme do you eat any low FP fruits? I may need to cut fruits out for awhile to help with wt lose.