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Thanks Jamie – I will try those… sound yum – will have to skip the coconut milk as it gives me symptoms 🙁

Did you find the glutinous rice flour? – I get it for pennies at the Asian grocery here in Australia.

Norm – the consistency of the glutinous rice balls is a bit rubbery/chewy – but it is a favorite Asian texture (used for dumplings and sweets) – some people do not like it but I love it.

As to the FP – glutinous flour is flour made from sticky rice so I reckon you can base it on the weight as you would for cooked rice. I cooked them then reheated them before heading out hiking and then they cool as I go – I do not know if this second heating helps loosen up the resistant starch or it reforms?? (Norm do you know?) I had no symptoms after consuming them and I was able to do a 24 km (12 mile) hike on the strength of them – I just make thumbnail sized ones with almond flour and tiny bit of dextrose mixed in and eat one every now and then while walking… made such a difference.

I would store in fridge when not “on the job”. Have not tried freezing.