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Norm Robillard
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Hi Laura,
Thanks for posting and sorry, I hadn’t noticed your post before today. I will note your experience in a blog I am close to releasing on raw unmodified potato starch (RUMPS). A number of people have experienced GI side effects on RUMPS, which does not surprise me. People with IBS-D (for diarrheara-predomiant) have an increase of Rumminococcus torques and Lachnospiraceae (these are Firmicutes type bacteria) and Proteobacteria type bacteria but a decrease in Actinobacteria and Bacteroidetes. Resistant starch is known to feed several Firmicutes and some proteobacteria.

You may not tolerate supplementation with RS, at least at those levels. If you do want to try it again, I recommend first limiting all fermentable carbs to under 45 grams/day as recommended in Fast Tract Digestion IBS. Once your symptoms are completely under control, you might try very small amounts, say 1/2 teaspoon and gradually increasing the amount to see if you develop symptoms.