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Hi 19 – More great sharing on this forum! Yes, I got here by trying the Dropping Acid/Koufman approach first. My symptoms got much worse (which makes sense with Norm’s research) and my health went downhill fast. Unlike Norm, Dr. Koufman is treating the symptom not the cause. However, I did find out about the alkaline water through that website. I think it will help to heal sensitive tissues and turn off pepsin while the FT diet is working on the gut bacteria (same reason I kept the high acid foods out of the FT diet for the first week while I switched over). I definitely would not drink water higher than pH 8, as the pH scale is x10 for each number. Whole milk has a pH of 7.33, so any water mid-upper 7’s should be okay. I like the suggestion of gargling with the really high pH water, and breathing the vapors seems like it would help if you have burning there. I had not needed the alkaline water until recently I am having some sore throat issues. I think it may be the continuing change over of my gut bacteria while I try to figure out the right level of FPs for me and if I am gluten-intolerant or not.