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When I first started researching LPR I came across, Acid Reflux/gerd message board, (my solution for LPR)user JPT2013. This is where I learned about Dr. J Kaufman and her book dropping acid. She is a dr in New York and has healed many LPR patients, especially singers who have lost their voice due to LPR. She promotes the low acid diet.Jaeme calls it the kill me now diet. If you read the post JPT2013 talks about high ph water and how it deactivates pepsin that gets into your airways. Dr K has feels pepsin is the main culprit in LPR, it attaches itself to our airways causing inflammation and cellular damage. Once it gets in the airways it can remain dormant until we eat something high in acid then it gets reactivated.Pepsin is not removed by any PPI. I like Norms diet the best and feel the best on the FT way of eating, but I believe pepsin has attached itself to my airways and does get reactivated by things I eat. I believe that’s why certain things still burn my throat going down, especially wine.anyway one of the things I have done since reading the post mentioned above is I boil high ph9.5 essentia water every morning and breath in the vapors through my nose and throat. I don’t drink it because I don’t want to lower the acid in my stomach. jPT2013 even gargles with it and uses it as a nose spray. I get the water by the case at whole foods. If your’re interested in the research about pepsin you can read the post on Also dr Kaufman has a website, and professor K.D.bardhan has written a medical research paper on pepsin.