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I switched from almond milk to coconut for a couple of reasons. One is almond milk is very high in Vitamin E = fat-soluble, so it can build up in the body, and the FT diet is high-fat for even higher absorption. I feel I get plenty of V-E already, so save the V-E for other foods. Another reason is nut fat profiles (see this link:, although from a botanical point of view, coconut is just a big seed (but doesn’t quite fit the rest of the seed profiles). I have switched to Macadamia nuts instead of walnuts & pecans for snacks.
Found some other information about digestive disorders/leaky gut/etc. that “recommends cutting all nuts and seeds to people with digestive or autoimmune problems and people with gut flora imbalances” ( ( Some of this info is different from the FT diet, some of it the same. The great thing about this forum is all of the sharing and gleaning of good ideas and finding out what works for you – everyone’s gut is different. 🙂