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george72– My reference said the GI for coconut milk is 40. I use a canned organic coconut milk. It has no added sugar, so the FP is lower. The only ingredients are organic coconut, water, and organic guar gum. Per 1/4 cup, it has 3 g. carbs, 0 g. fiber, and 1 g. sugar. The FP is 1.8 per 1/4 cup. Doing the math to convert to 1/3 cup, the FP would be 2.4. I buy a case of (12) 13.5 oz. cans on Amazon for $29.88 as I cannot find it in local stores. The brand is Native Forest unsweetened organic coconut milk classic. The cans are BPA-free. It has a different consistency from coconut milk drink in that it is thicker and it separates when chilled. It needs to be shaken/stirred, and warmed a little to become smooth. It would feel weird to drink it from a glass, but makes a great addition to smoothies or to coffee.