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Blood sugar question – I have been on the FT diet for almost a month, and for the most part have felt good energy and “normal” other than the LPR symptoms. I have always had stellar blood sugar levels. Today I had a longer than usual timespan between breakfast (which was a smoothie with added olive oil and protein powder) and lunch. At about the 4-hour mark, I started to get lightheaded, uncoordinated, couldn’t concentrate, almost feeling drugged. When I was finally able to eat lunch (still a lighter meal) at about the 5-hour mark, I think I felt better for about an hour and a half. Then all the symptoms above came back. I was able to eat a very light snack another hour and a half later, and it seemed to help other than having a dull headache. Does this sound like low blood sugar? Wondering if my liver has used up its store of glycogen to convert back to glucose in the absence of food-source glucose?