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Norm Robillard
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I have been controlling my reflux by diet for 10 years now. I used low carb for many years. They I used the Fast Tract Approach. Because I tend to gain weight on carbs, I am doing a hybrid of the two these days. Because my SIBO and reflux has been under good control for so long, I can eat whatever I want (which does happen around holidays) for about three days of so. At that point symptoms begin to return. For carbs I generally avoid most grains, with bread as an occasional treat. Since my girlfriend is Japanese, we do eat sticky rice relatively often. I also eat lots of veggies and a fair amount of fish, meats, butter, low FP fruits, fermented foods, berries and cheeses. And of course I eat most of the other low FP foods in the Fast Tract books. Lastly Paleo purists may not approve, but I love tofu dishes once in awhile, especially when traveling in Japan. And their fermented veggies over there are out of this world.

Forgot to mention, Tonight I had 3/4 cup regular ice cream. People with lactose intolerance or active SIBO should choose lactose-free ice cream.

My blood work is fine and I don’t take any drugs (at 57, knock on wood) with the exception of an occasional ibuprofen.

You said “Is it possible to live on just meat, cheese, eggs & veggies?” What book have you been reading? Compare the Fast Tract Diet to SCD, FODMAP or ketogenic low carb diet.