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Norm Robillard
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Hey George,
Thanks for this question. There has been a bit of press about this issue lately. The best response I have seen on this report is from from Paul Jaminet. I agree fully.

As for GERD and IBS, the Fast Tract diet does not have set limits for protein, fat and carbohydrate levels as it’s based on the fermentation potential and people have different dietary requirements depending on their life stile and other criteria. In general, I recommend a diet with about 15 – 25% protein and up to 60 – 70% healthy fats (by calories, remembering that fat has twice the calories as protein or carbohydrate per gram) with the rest made up of low FP carbohydrates. But, as I said the ratio can vary based on the personal preferences, but consuming more than 30% of calories in protein is probably not a great idea.