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I am guessing that as you do not know what type of rice the crackers are made of it might be a bit risky to consume much of this – what do you think Norm?

I have been making Asian sticky rice balls (some are called onde onde) which you can make sweet or savory and could dip in olive oil / cream / sour cream.

1/2 cup sticky rice flour / glutinous flour
water to bind (Am going to try cream next time – some people use coconut milk)
knead together till like play dough ( the dough can be crumbly/dry so add in more moisture)

roll into balls – I make mine small less than 3/4 ” diameter so they cook fast and really well
drop into boiling water
when they rise to the top they are cooked
(they can also be steamed for about 10-15 mins)

They can be rolled into anything low FP you wish – almond flour with or without sweetener, ground hazelnuts, peanuts, coconut etc… could try rolling them in unsweetened ground nuts with herbs and dip in olive oil when you eat – must try that!

You can add in dextrose or other sweetener, nuts etc into dough before making balls or just put in rolling mix. Traditionally I understand a filling is put in the middle and the plain mix is around the outside – but I have not mastered making these so the filling does not break out – still taste OK… I reckon there are many low FP options for these…

They are quite chewy – some people call it rubbery but I really love them.

I have been using them for hiking and hard physical work situations and they really help – they pack in a small plastic box without being individually wrapped, and do not break apart and the rolling mixture sticks amazingly well too.