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Hi Goddessrocks – I weigh everything I eat and then calculate the total FP. as JI says FP is based on the weight of food you eat in relation to its FP.
ie (and I am working in grams here in Australia)
cauliflower has 0.038 g of FP / 1 gram weight of cauliflower

So if I eat something with 80 grams of cauliflower then I am eating 80 x 0.038 = 3.04g FP

here it is using ounces which corresponds to JI’s post:
1 oz of cauliflower has 1.07g of FP
so a serving with 3oz cauliflower in it has 3.21 g of FP

My kitchen scale, my calculator and my FP chart* are my best friend… (and a notebook in which to calculate and record everything)

* I have written up a chart where I have reduced all the foods I am likely to eat to FP per 1 gram portion so it is easy to multiply by the total weight of serve – you could do it for ounces…