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Hey Jaeme/JI…just last week my doctor ENT said that he saw no evidence of LPR (and of course I was feeling pretty well at the time I saw him) but I do have periodic times when I feel like I have inhaled something cold (or maybe acidic) that makes me cough or just makes my lungs and esophagus feel really cool. And this goes along with my frequent irritated lymph glands and the area around my larynx (voice box). This comes and goes in severity. The doctors keep telling me that they can’t see any issues such as acid splashing up into my esophagus (except for a very small irritation on the esophagus side of the LES). I’m sure that they think that I’m crazy because I keep complaining about these symptoms. Did a doctor actually recognize this as “acid fumes”? It would explain a lot. As you may remember, I have significant sinus drainage as well.