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Hi Jaeme and healthy, it’s so great to talk to people that understand my symptoms. Please keep posting guys this is so helpful for me. If there is any extra things you are doing that are helpful please post. Some days I feel completely normal again. I really like this way of eating and I’m at the point of not really missing any of the bad stuff except wine. It still burns my throat. The only bad day was when I ate too much of the eggplant lasagna, it was so good I couldn’t stop eating it. My stomach was just too full and it started churning and I started burping. I have been doing the DGL, powdered, but decided to take a product that has been helping my sister . She’s lucky because she has regular Gerd. Anyway it stopped the rumbling and burps right away. I hope it’s ok to name the product. It’s very expensive, $10.29 for 24 chewable’s. It had lots of good reviews on Amazon, one was LPR related. I bought it on Swanson. gaia herbs, rapid relief , reflux relief. Go on Gaia and it will discuss in depth all the ingredients and what they do for you. I’m so thankful for you guys and especially Norman.