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Hey Jaeme…thanks for the re-direct. Glad to hear that you are still doing well (and that you seem to be tolerating the Glutens). Eating on the run or during work functions can be a challenge. I just went through four days of those challenges and am glad to be back to home cooking!! To update you on me, I met with my GI doctor and ENT doctor last week. The GI doc said that he believed that I have an over-sensitive GI brought on by the oral surgeries and resulting medication (ie. antibiotics and pain meds). My ENT did a nasal scope which showed no LPR and then he had me do a barium swallow which showed a normal LES but some esophageal dyplesia. Th GI doc told me to keep alcohol to a minimum (2 drinks a week max) and to stop one Nexium but to maintain the original Nexium indefinitely since I do have evidence of excess acid (other than the Gastritis I don’t know how he can be so sure of this). My plan is to ignore his recommendation and try to get off the original Nexium after I have successfully withdrawn from the second Nexium. This pushes things back a bit but I’d rather go slow that to have it go badly (keep in miind that my GI in Texas wants me to drop both Nexium all at once at the end of this month). He also tried to tell me to drop all of my homeopathic stuff (ie. digestive enzymes, DGL Licorice and Milk Thistle) saying that it is a waste of money. Everyone has opinions and they vary greatly. I just have to do what I feel is right.