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HI JI – one other idea for the no drinking during meals is to make sure you are using your saliva to full advantage to start the digestion rather than diluting it or having the water make the food feel ready to swallow before it is mixed enough with saliva. I think it was Norm who wrote that some enzymes in saliva only work until they hit the stomach acid (my apologies to Norm if it was not him). One way around this to just make sure every bite is chewed really, really well (almost liquid) and then take sips of water in between or wait to end of meal to drink (but not 30 minutes). No way endorsing this, but just FYI, my ENT said to not drink with meals as it makes your stomach over-filled and forces reflux back up, and she said not to drink anything within a few hours of bedtime as a belly full of water/beverage will also force acid back up (only a few sips of water before bed). Sounds like something mainstream being taught, just like acid causes reflux, not the other way around. BTW – did you see my post for an article about research that supports the gut microbiota theory behind the FT Diet?