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Hi HealthyNow – Wow, never heard of the ectopic mucosal patch. Is this a permanent thing, something you were born with, or something that developed due to reflux? So glad to hear the FT Diet has worked for you!

I am glad to say that three weeks of the FT Diet and I too have been mostly symptom free. I also take DGL and the delayed-release probiotics. I have not had the courage to try aloe juice yet. I have been able to add in a little bit of the low FP breads and Rice Chex – I just make sure to chew to the point it is almost liquified. Thrilled to have coffee back, anxious to try a little wine. I have found the diet to be more flexible than others out there, and rather tasty. You are right, it seems to work (thanks Norm!) Just trying to get the fats & calories up to keep weight on.