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The feeling of a very large lump in the throat has always been one of my worst symptoms plus the sore throat, loss of voice, burning, burping etc. It has been discovered that I have a part of the stomach lining in my esophagus, called ectopic mucosal patch. I have been off the P.P.Is now for almost a year and I have no symptoms. I recently had a gastroscopy to make sure I am on the right tract and it all looked good. The doctor told me to keep doing what I am doing. Which is the Fast Tract Diet. I take probiotics on a regular basis and while I still had symptoms. I helped myself with DGL and aloe juice. It seems to heal the sore tissues. I am staying away from all grains, sugars and only eat the vegetables that grow above grounds, meats etc. I can have coffee and wine, eat just before bed if I want and not sleep with lots of pillows any more. The diet is pretty strict, but seems to work.