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Hi 19- I had thw exact same symptoms & experiences. First diagnosed as sinusitis/rhinitis/allergies. Clartin D, nasal steroid sprays, etc. with no relief. So then diagnosed LPR & given Zantac etc. plus very strict low-acid/no-fat/high-carb “just kill me now” diet. My symptoms got worse & I lost a lot of wright I did not need to lose. Found Norm’s site & Fast Tract program- it made so much sense along with other research I read. So happy to say my LPR started clearing up within a few days, and has been almost non-existent for almost two weeks now! One possibility is a gluten intolerance, which can also give LPR symptoms (the FT diet eliminates most gluten the first week). So now my challenge is to decide to try to eat a gluten item for a reaction or not. Either way, Norm’s program is the reason I am so improved!