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Here’s my story. For a year I had post natal drip and mucus in throat. I just thought I had allergies and would take Claritin and Musinix everyday. Finally this September I actually had heartburn/reflux after 3 days of over eating during a family reunion.This is the only time I’ve ever experienced heartburn. After that I developed a sore throat and a little pain in left ear that wouldn’t go away. I mentioned all these symptoms to my family Dr. he never suggested LPR. He just basically said to take Zantac as needed and keep taking the Claritin. So I started reading about Gerd and learned about LPR. I was due for a colonoscopy and told my surgeon about my throat, I was thinking maybe I had throat cancer since I had the sore throat for so long, I did mention the LPR and he had never heard of it. He did know that reflux could get into your throat. So during the colonoscopy he also did an endoscopy and basically said my throat, esophagus, and stomach were very red, so he took a biopsy form each which showed no pre cancerous cells. He then put me on omeprazole and said come back in a year. I was on the medicine for 3months and had constant stomach gurgling, gas and bloating. The throat stopped hurting but the hoarseness and mucus remained in throat. I also started burping. That’s when I really started researching and got myself off the omeprazole. The only book I could find was the dropping acid book. So I have been very careful about high acid foods, my post natal drip has lessened and the mucus is less. Some high acid foods still burn my throat going down and I still have hoarseness and very light burps during the day. I recently discovered Fast Track digestion and have just started the diet, I hope it will work. My question is can the throat, sinus, mucus ever be healed or is the damage done? The second question is when I burp is that when the vapors are coming up and attacking the throat?