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Norm – you’re funny – “I would like humic and fulvic acid more if I were a plant.” 🙂
How very interesting that humic and fulvic acids are not fermentable. I just assumed that they were. I wonder if it is the mineral component that is supportive of the bacteria/yeast in the probiotic? As I learn more about fermenting foods at home one of the keys is to give the little creatures enough minerals to grow and reproduce.
I very much agree with you Norm that there are many unknowns when it comes to messing with the gut microbiota. I think that’s why I’m drawn more to eating fermented foods. They’re teaming with all kinds of beneficial bacteria. It’s such a vast subject.
I wasn’t planning to research the strains in Prescript Assist – seems like daunting work! You’ve piqued my curiosity though…

JI, thanks for the link to the suggested probiotics from your naturopath. The Klaire Labs formulas look very interesting.
This is the probiotic I take – again quite expensive

I actually have noticed a difference. My bowel movements are so much more normal since I’ve been taking it. I know it’s the probiotic as I had a few days of loose bowels when I first started (I tend toward constipation) and then a shift to normal which has remained. Gotta love that!