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Norm Robillard
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Interesting. I would like humic and fulvic acid more if I were a plant. But the term prebiotic doesn’t make perfect sense to me as this material does not appear to be fermentable – a good thing IMO.
I haven’t had a chance to evaluate the strains. Hopefully, I will find a little time to do this (if Lana doesn’t beat me to it). When I think of probiotics, I want to know two things. 1) Is there any evidence they will become established as part of my healthy flora. Most don’t become established. 2) Are they strains that I actually want to be have as permanent residents in my gut.

The bottom line IMO, is that we are at the very beginning in understanding or gut microbiota and there are more questions than answers in the benefit of a handful of probiotic strains against the backdrop of a microbiota consisting of up to 1000 species with a huge number of total strains. Most bacteria that are not adapted to the competitive environment of the human gut will be quickly disposed of.