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I finally found some solid information about waxy maize!

The company that makes the Elaine Amylopectin Potato Starch has some literature comparing their potato starch to waxy maize. Elaine potato starch has less than 1% Amylose starch and Waxy Maize has less than 4% Amylose starch.

I was trying to order some of the Elaine potato starch Norm and I see that there are several types. Did you get a breakdown about their differences? I know you sent me a paper with the info about it but it didn’t make much sense to me so I didn’t keep it. 🙁

Actually, I don’t know if I can order small quantities. They most likely sell it by the truckload. I’ll probably have to stick with waxy maize for now – but less than 4% isn’t too bad right?