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Jaeme, I need to have that test performed. What does in entail? BTW, I saw my GI today. He said that while my test show some minor Gastritis and that he believe that I have GERD, he is inclined to believe that I have a hyper-sensitive GI tract that is causing the throat issues which I think is a catch all for “I don’t know”. He wants my ENT (who I see next week) to scope my esophagus to see if he sees evidence of LPR (my GI did not have a scope that would see that in his office). If not, he wants me to reduce my Nexium to 1 per day and then start the weaning process after another month. If they find LPR, he wants me to stay on the 2 Nexium for another month and then start the reduction. At least he believes that you need to taper off of PPI’s. MY GI in Texas doesn’t believe that you need to slowly taper and wanted me to go cold turkey (I wasn’t going to do that regardless of his beliefs). The GI doctor today (my normal GI doc) told me he wants me to take 7.5mg of Remeron for 3 months to help settle the GI tract and to help with discomfort and appetite. He said that my throat issues would resolve on their own and did not ask me to undertake a specific diet. I started talking diet and he mentioned the FODMAP diet saying that the diet is to restrictive and hard to stay on. I then brought up the FP diet and told him that I was going to follow that. He was good with that but was skeptical that I could maintain the discipline the diet needs to work. He obviously doesn’t know me very well and also doesn’t know that once things get back to “normal” the FP diet is less restrictive. It’s been an interesting journey, one that I would not wish on anyone yet interesting all the same.