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Hey Jaeme….you sound like the female version of me. lol Your symptoms (especially those related to the throat) are a mirror image of mine. The painful lymph nodes, the sore but not sore throat, the throat clearing, feeling need to force burb and general throat discomfort. It’s funny that you described it as a sore throat but not a sore throat. It’s hard to describe that to people. I hardly had symptoms in my stomach until doctors started “treating” me for GERD. My issues were all originally in my throat. They have since moved to my stomach as well (maybe to to all the acid suppression). Do you have headaches, jaw aches or back of neck pain?

I’m slowly but surely moving towards the FP diet. I watch my FP’s though not at the 30’s-40’s level indicated in Norm’s first two week diet daily intake. I’m learning a lot about foods and GI, Carbs, sugars substitutes, etc. in preparation for March 12th. I’m seeing my new GI tomorrow (I flew home from Texas — where I spend much of the Winter — to St. Louis just to see him). I hope that he is supportive of the FP diet or we won’t get along very well. 🙂 I’m going to try to get him to review the book so he understands what we’re doing.