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HI MC – You really are just a few weeks behind me, and I hope you have this same success (day 5 with no LPR, sinus or pn drip). I did start gearing toward the FT diet before I started it (and I am glad I did – transitioning from the low-acid/no-fat diet all at once would have been quite a shock to the system). I too have a deviated septum and was given nasal sprays over the last few years including Flonase, Omnaris, and most recently Dymista (and Neti pot too). None really worked, nor did Claritin D, etc. What pushed me over the edge was that I do a lot of public speaking for my job, and my vocal folds were getting very sore along with swollen lymph nodes and cysts/swollen thyroid. The entire area was inflamed and sore (but oddly not the traditional sore interior throat) from all of the coughing, gagging, throat clearing, constant attempts at swallowing the globus, etc.

I am so completely amazed at how this FT diet has helped – I spoke for two hours today, and no pain or hoarseness in my throat, thyroid area swelling almost gone. My right nostril/sinus (the deviated side) is clear for the first time in years. I originally kept the traditional reflux foods out of Norm’s recipes (tomatoes, onions, acid fruits, coffee, etc.), and have been adding one back at a time. So far, great!

I have found the recipes very easy to adjust – such as using olive oil for butter, low sodium meat choices, etc. I also had to “reuse” a few meals due to time constraints, or sub a different veggie, as long as the FP points were about the same. I have not eaten many of the desserts, but that has allowed a few FP points in other areas (such as a small glass of lactose-free milk). I have used a few ounces of nuts and one dried date in place of the nut mixes (since I did not want the added sodium or Splenda).

Thanks a bunch for the chocolate tip above – will have to try it. Keep us posted, and keeping my fingers crossed for you!