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Yes Jaeme, please continue to keep us updated. I’m just a few weeks behind you. I hope that I have your kind of success. I’ll pay attention to symptoms and food connections (paying special attention to Glutens and Lactose). I’m seeing a ENT next week to rule out something else going on with my throat. My lymph nodes and the left side of my adams apple is actually sore to the touch. I wouldn’t think that this is a typical LPR or esophageal spasm issue. Also, I know that I have a severely deviated septum which contributes to my post nasal drip. Thats why my GP prescribed the Flonase. This is such a guessing game. All we can do is eliminate the obvious, pick a course of action and give it a try. The FP diet is on deck. While i have been gearing my diet towards low FP’s and only good fats I haven’t specifically followed the two week diet outlined in the book. That starts on March 12th. I’ll start tapering the Nexium on March 27th and will be keeping everyone updated on my progress.