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Best wishes for your journey to health MC!
One other thing to consider, since I seemed to respond to Norm’s diet so quickly: I researched about gluten and sinus, and found that some people do not get the traditional gluten intolerance gut disturbance symptoms. Instead, they have “leaky gut” that puts those irritants into the bloodstream causing inflammation in other parts of the body. This can show up as clogged sinuses, heavy post-nasal drip, clogged throat, and sinus infections. I am wondering if I have this type of gluten intolerance instead of reflux LPR, since cutting out the wheat is part of Norm’s diet the first week (either way, I credit Norm’s diet for my improvement). Here is a link to a blog that talks about this:
BTW – I am keeping weight steady now that I am on Norm’s diet – having fats back has helped a lot! While on the low-acid/no-fat diet, I lost 20 pounds in a week and half and felt terrible. It was all veggies and carbs. Bananas and graham crackers every day, with skim milk and veggies was awful! (and the exact opposite of what Norm says we should be doing). I am totally off of the Zantac – I weaned from the 150mg. to the 75mg. to nothing now.
“According to the medical journal research – the most likely food intolerances leading to sinusitis are those which cause Leaky Gut syndrome:
Dairy intolerance (via casein protein)
Gluten intolerance (gluten protein)
Yeast Sensitivity (yeast proteins)
Corn allergy (zein protein)
Nightshade sensitivity (lectins)