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I used to do Yoga regularly but due to my GERD, Im really restricted in what postures that I can comfortably perform. I no longer do any inverted positions and keep my prone positions to a minimum. I do Savansina (Corpse pose) by sitting in a reclining chair instead of laying on my back. I have creating a gentle yoga series that fits within these restrictions.

– Standing stretch (hands to sky with flat palms)
– Chair position (feet together and simulate sitting in chair)
– Standing side bend (bending at side, sweep opposing arms over head)
– Knee reach (bending at side, slide and down side of leg and try to touch side of knee).
– Standing twist (hands on hips and then alternate between turning left and right)
– Balanced leg raises (feet together, slide foot up to opposing knee and hold, straighten leg and stretch directly behind and hold then in front and hold)
– Proud Warrior (look up on internet but do not do the floor portion)

You’re really restricted without being about to do the floor postures but it’s better to make adjustments than to give it up all together. There is a young lady on Youtube ( that was just diagnosed with GERD and she has yoga video for us GERDie’s. Check it out.