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Well, I tried thew Balsamic vinegar and it did not offer create any real problems nor did it cure me in some miraculous way. I agree with you Norm that those with GERD likely have a sufficient (or maybe excessive) acid production as opposed to to little acid. I often read about ACV the virtues of ACV. I even tried it for about 2 weeks and thought my GI tract was going to catch on fire (lol–actually it wasn’t that funny). I’m pretty sure the Balsamic “cure” is the same strategy of adding acid to a low acid environment and I guess that could be the case since I’m taking 2 Nexium per day (which works against the PPI — your point Norm) but my goal is to stop the Nexium.

Jaeme, what are you symptoms of LPR. I’ve been diagnosed with Globus (I feel like my esophagus is raw and swollen from my thyroid to my lymph nodes under my jaw bones.