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Norm Robillard
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Oh, right. Thanks Jaeme.
Yes, good observation Lana. Raw carrots have a lower GI (16) and higher FP – I get slightly higher FP of 8.9 for 100 grams due to the GI of 16. I agree with your point about lower fermentability equals less likely to cause symptoms. Pectin is more fermentable than cellulose. Higher cellulose veggies are likely much more tolerable.

There has not been a GI value established for asparagus. I estimate the GI as 50 for the FP calculation. The presence of fructans do lower GI and increase FP, but given that asparagus have so few carbs to begin with, it should not matter all that much. For instance, suppose the GI was 35 or 40. The FP would changes only slightly. I love asparagus too!

From a previous post: Lactose-free milk would be lower than regular milk, but I don’t have an actual value for it. Assume it’s in the range of about 3-4 for the same serving size. That is to account for other oligosaccharides in milk.