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Norm Robillard
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I agree. Good job Jaeme. Erythritol is one sugar alcohol with some surprising properties. Here is a paragraph I am adding to the next printing of FTD Heartburn. Thanks to Lauren Benning and Kris Gunnars:
“One sugar alcohol, erythritol, has some unique properties which makes it a good choice as a natural (it’s produced by yeast) alternative sweetener. Unlike the other sugar alcohols, erythritol is mostly (90%) absorbed in the small intestine. Even the 10% that remains in the intestine may not be a problem as at least one study showed gut bacteria may not be able to metabolize it. There’s more good news. Erythritol is not metabolized significantly by the body as most of it can be recovered in urine. Safety studies in animals and humans suggest that erythritol is very safe as well. Thanks to Lauren Benning ( for writing to me about the benefits or erythritol and Kris Gunnars ( for his excellent article on erythritol.”