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Hi Norm,

Thank you for your forum. Since I am new to the FTD (my book is to arrive Tuesday), I have a few questions (my apologies if they are answered in the book):

1.) Your research shows that fats are the easiest on the digestive system, yet others claim fats are the hardest to digest, make the LES weak and delay the emptying of the stomach. Any clarification on why the others promote this idea?

2.) Have you seen any issues with blood lipids due to the high fat diet? I have always eaten a diet high in good fats (olive oil, nuts, grass-fed eggs, meat & dairy, cold-water fish), no processed or fried foods, and fairly low carb (but whole grain, which you say is a no-no). I have always had stellar blood work with an HDL-LDL ratio that put me at the very bottom of the scale for heart risk. One of the reasons I was not happy with the no-fat/low-acid/high-carb diet- I was afraid of blood sugars and bad blood results.

3.) Does sprouting/soaking grains help? I have always made steel-cut oats by soaking overnight in either whey or yogurt (lactofermentation) to breakdown some of the components that prevent release of nutrients and to make it easier to digest. According to historians, this is the way grains were eaten until a century or two ago, as our ancestors knew these grains were not digestible “as is”?

4.) Do you have any thoughts about the mainstream idea that certain foods weaken the LES, such as coffee, chocolate, mint, etc.?