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Thanks for that Norm,
I feel it may be a bit complicated because I’m breastfeeding. My baby is on solids also now, so not worried about her nutritionally, I’m just worried about me! The last week I’ve managed to gain some back, but prior to that I was dropping weight again, the lowest I’ve been since a teenager. It was getting scary, so I’ve been quite reluctant to restrict my carbs more than I am already.
Some people do manage low carb while breastfeeding, especially if they’re wanting to lose weight, but quite a few report problems. I’ve been getting leg cramps (I’m presuming it’s magnesium, so have started applying mag oil), and just generally feel endlessly hungry and moody if I don’t have carbs.
Anyway, there may be no resolution for this while breastfeeding.
One thing… I came across a startup making a product called Soylent (pun certainly intended), an inexpensive liquid food replacement. They’ve got links to a ‘DIY soylent’ area where people can post their own recipes. I’m deeply skeptical that such a thing would be good for you long term, but I remember what you said about ‘elemental diets’ (and their expense) and was wondering if you think there could be something like that appropriate for an intro period of this diet. Most of them of course are based on oat flour etc, so not appropriate. If there were such a thing that you could make yourself at home and use for a week or so, it might be an excellent start to a longer-term use of your diet.