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Hi Norm,

Supposedly the saliva pH has nothing to do with stomach acid (unless there is reflux residue in the mouth when taking the test – it is advised to work up saliva, swallow it, and repeat two times to cleanse the mouth before taking the pH test).

What is your opinion of the theory of certain foods making the body pH (not stomach acid) more acid or alkaline? One camp believes that foods, whether testing acid or alkaline before eating, are metabolized in the body in a way that the end result is acid or alkaline body chemistry. Is there any evidence of this?

I have noticed that while on the low-acid/no-fat diet I had developed a very weird, bad taste in my mouth (not acid, almost a putrifying taste). Is this due to the rapid weight loss creating a ketosis or other metabolic condition?

Thank you for your generosity of time in answering all of our questions on this forum. 🙂