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Another source for the kefir grains is Cultures for Health. They have the milk grains and the water grains.
I just participated in a kitchen party on fermenting today so this post is timely. I tried several water kefir recipes and they were quite delicious. I have never made kefir and being the perfectionist that I am I have to learn everything about it before taking the plunge. Something I’ve learned about water kefir (eg. using coconut water or sugar water) that has my brow furrowed is that the bacteria/yeast eat up most of the glucose in the sugar but leave a measure of fructose. What I’ve read is that 80% of the sugar will be eaten by the bacteria/yeast. The remaining 20% of the sugar is fructose which is why the beverage tastes sweet.
It doesn’t look like you can use all glucose to make a water kefir as it will cause an imbalance in the bacteria/yeast medium. A ratio of 1 part glucose to 2 parts sucrose seems to work well. I’ll be looking into this some more!
To note: each 8 oz. of water requires 1 tbsp. of sugar to make water kefir which means just over 1/2 tsp. of pure fructose remains in 1 cup of the fermented beverage.