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Norm Robillard
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Your statement ” the body’s only way of trying to protect the area from the acid.” makes sense to me. Just one point about the diet. Fast Tract Diet in no way “starves” the bacteria. Sometimes (I may be guilty too) the term “starve the bacteria” is thrown around loosely as in “removing carbs fueling SIBO”, but the diet includes 30-40 grams of fermentable carbs. Also, gut bacteria feed on proteins (10-20% malabsorbed) as well as mucus and other enzymes / proteins that the body makes. Feeding via mucus (which is mostly carbohydrate) is likely one way the body feeds the the well adapted bacteria – a partnership. If we were “starving” our gut bacteria, we would hardly form any poop. It’s just not the case. How would wolves have a gut microbiota if gut microbes were dependent on high amounts of carbohydrates?