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Thank you for your quick responses Norm! Your site is giving me hope. 🙂

The larynx/pharynx area has no protection against acid like the esophagus and stomach, so the area is way more sensitive to acid/pepsin and once irritated, takes much longer to heal and desensitize. Hence the main symptoms of LPR – heavy post-nasal drip, heavy throat mucus, feeling lump in throat, coughing/choking, etc. – the body’s only way of trying to protect the area from the acid. So I am not surprised that it takes a month with the FTD to see improvement, especially since it takes a little while to starve off those carb bacteria.

I will certainly let you know how I do with the FDT, as the low-acid/no-fat approach is not working for me. Hoping to see the rosacea go back to remission as well. Very interesting connection – your site is the first time I had read about it, but I certainly am experiencing it.