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Thanks JI & MC! Wishing you success with adding the fats back in – please keep us posted! The idea of loading up on sugar to keep weight on is ludicrous, and makes me feel even worse.

I started adding a little fat back in today (some olive oil, a whole egg – surprise, no reflux/LPR symptoms) and stepping down on the whole grain carbs, so as not to completely shock my system at once. Since I have only been on the nighttime Zantac for a few weeks, I am hoping it will be easy to wean off.

The ENT I went to for LPR, while on the side of the low-fat/low-acid camp, did consent to say she was not against using Apple Cider Vinegar since so many of her patients have had success with that (so she said she had a “foot in each camp” and couldn’t argue with success). So minds can be changed. I will tell her about Norm’s approach – based on researching many forums, people are having success with the Fast Track diet (many who were on the low-acid/low-fat diet ad gave it up).

One thing I have found to be extremely helpful (suggested on several forums) is chewing gum for at least 30 minutes after eating. This keeps things moving in the right direction and neutralizes throat acid/pepsin with saliva. There was a research study done on this, and it showed success as well (especially if you can find bicarbonate gum). The problem I am having is finding a gum without mint/chocolate/cinnamon/citrus and no sugars or sugar alcohols, and with the bicarbonate.

I have also started the DGL (which is prescribe in Europe more than PPIs). Chewing food very thoroughly with no liquids until after meal has helped as well (again, adding more saliva). Keep liquids sparse during mealtimes also keeps stomach from over-filling.