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Hi Jaeme…I had the same thing happen. I tried to cut out all fats and I just couldn’t get enough calories unless I added sugars back into the mix. Sugar is obviously not a good trade off because it feeds the bad bacteria and it’s not healthy in general. Before adding the sugars back into my diet I lost 22 pounds (maybe 10 pounds that I could afford, the rest I could not). I’ve recently seen my GI doctor and explained the problem and told him about Norm’s theory and diet suggestions. He generally agreed with the approach but he prefers to take it a step farther by eliminating animal proteins from his diet (a bit outside of mainstream but there is some evidence to backup his theory — Googles, “The China Study”). I’m not sure that I’m ready to eliminate animal protein but I am definitely ready to remove the sugars (ie. cane, fructose, etc.) while including what I would define as mostly healthy fats (ie. fish, chicken, lean meats, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.). As you likely read in earlier posts, I will be starting the Nexium weaning process in about 5 weeks. I have already started minimizing sugars and have accumulated a few tools to help with the process (ie. Sucrolofate, baking soda and water, digestive enzymes, Prelief, DGL Licorice, etc.). Regarding your comment about doctors giving conflicting advise, it has happened to me too many times to count. The best thing that you can do is educate your self and then follow the advise that feels the best to you. My new GI doctor seems to line up pretty well with the Fast Track approach and since I can see the logic in the Fast Path approach, that’s the way I’m going. PS. Since adding fats back into my diet (about a week ago) I have gained about 5 pounds. I also started simultaneously cutting back on the sugars. I’ll post my progress on this thread.